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Image by Taylor Smith

Buying Hair Guide

If you're getting Non Sewn Beaded Wefts (NSBW) you'll be shopping for weft/track hair. You'll want to get Machine Weft Hair, Seamless Hair Wefts, or Genius Wefts​. Do not get hand tied wefts, they unravel too easily.

 Quantity: A full pack, 3 ounces, or 150 grams is usually enough for a full head (three tracks doubled).

If you have thicker hair, buy 1 1/2 packs, 3.5-4 ounces, or 200 grams (four tracks doubled).

If you're getting Individual Micro Beads (IMB) or Individual Keratin Shrink Links (IKSL), you'll be shopping for Individual I-tip hair.​ Do not get U-tips or Flat tips, you want I-tips.

 Quantity: 125-150 strands is considered a full head, but if you have thicker hair, it is recommended that you get 150 to 200 strands.

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