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Non Sewn Beaded Wefts

​NO sewing, NO braids, NO glue, the most natural weft technique.

A client favorite said to be the most comfortable and reliable of all extensions offered.

NSBW hair extensions can be installed for length, thickness, pops of color, or all of the above! 

With NSBW, your hair is facing in a downward direction the way it grows naturally, lying flat and growing downward with no damage to the hair follicle.

NSBW beaded weft hair extensions include wefts of extension hair that are fastened to your natural hair using tiny silicone-lined beads. 


NSBW are a natural and safe extension method, as opposed to other methods that utilize glue, heat, sewing, or tight braids that are known to cause hair damage. 


The wefts are reusable for many months if properly cared for and maintained with scheduled move up appointments every 4-6 weeks.

Recommended for all hair types. A full head of hair is considered 3 doubled rows. If you have thicker hair, it is recommended you get 4 or more rows.



Individual Micro Beads

Individual Micro Beads are fastened to small sections of hair using silicone lined copper beads.


IMB are great for fine - medium hair guests. They're great for clients who wear their hair up a lot because they're so small.

Some clients will get IMB installed on the sides of the head where hair is naturally finer, while getting NSBW on the back of the head.

IMB can be moved up, but with each tightening, the bond that holds the hair together inside the bead will get weaker. Too many move ups can cause the extensions to shed more, so it's best to tighten every 2-3 months.


Some guests leave them for the full 6 months like the Individual Keratin Shrink Links. Then they will get them taken out and re-applied if the hair extensions are still in good condition.



Individual Keratin Shrink Links

Although this technique does involve glue, if they're installed and removed correctly, IKSL can be a great option. 

IKSL are easy to hide in a ponytail.


IKSL are great for fine-medium hair clients. They con't require maintenance appointments, making them a great option for clients who live far from the salon. They are installed and left to grow with your hair for 1-6 months before removing and reinstalling. 


For thinning crown hair

Toppers are a savior for those with thinning hair on the top of their head. Toppers are applied using a variation of the NSBW method. 

Toppers can be tightened every 4-6 weeks.

Great for clients with thinning hair, alopecia, and trichotillomania.

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