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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation/Tardy/Deposit Policy​

When you make an appointment with me, that time is reserved specifically for you. I don't accept walk in clientele, which means that if I'm at the salon, I'm there for you. To ensure your reservation date, a card on file is required to book an appointment. 

  • If you need to reschedule, kindly provide at least 72 hours notice. This will give me time to refill the appointment.

  • If you cancel/reschedule without 72 hours notice and I'm unable to refill the original appointment, the card on file will be charges 50% of the original service.

  • Arriving 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment time may result in your appointment being cancelled and a cancellation fee of 50%. Depending on the service and timing, you may be able to keep the appointment and sacrifice a finished style at the end so that I do not run behind for other clients.

  • If you're 15 minutes late, then I will be 15 minutes late for all clients booked after you - resulting in upset clients and unneeded stress. Just imagine if two or three people were 15 minutes late in one day, then I would be running 45 minutes late for my last client of the day! What a drag that would be! I know from experience. 😰😂 That is why I developed these policies. Thank you for understanding.

  • "Missed appointments" and same day cancellations will result in a cancellation fee of 50%. 

When we set your appointment, I'll make sure to provide you with ample information on location and parking, including a photo of the entrance, so no worries! Just give yourself enough time to arrive and it's all good 🙂🤙 ​

Child Safety Policy

Minors are only permitted in the salon when they are receiving a service. For safety and insurance purposes, no child under the age of 12 may accompany you while you are receiving a service. I love kids, but there are sharp and hot tools all over the salon that they might get into. Also, it’s going to be like suuuper boring for them and they'd probably rather be somewhere else.​


Refund Policy

I do not offer refunds or exchanges.​

Covid Sanitation Policy

For everyone's safety, please enter the salon alone. Any friends, family, or children must wait outside of the salon or in the waiting room for proper social distancing. Please use hand sanitizer before their appointment. Please wear a face mask while in the salon. Please reschedule your appointment for two weeks out if you have a fever or are experiencing covid symptoms. For your convenience, I offer hand sanitizer and face masks. I also disinfect the salon after each client and have disposable gloves on hand!

Booking and Appointment

Please check your email after booking your appointment and initial/sign the 3 contracts.

By booking a reservation, you acknowledge that you've read and agree to the above policies.

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