Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you so much for dedicating your time to checking out my website. ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope my website can give you knowledge on hair extensions in order to help you decide if they are right for you.


Where are you located?

I have two locations. One in Fullerton California  and one in Santa Rosa California. My Fullerton location gets booked really fast, so I recommend booking out as far in advance as possible for Fullerton. I am only at my Fullerton location once a month, otherwise I'm at my Santa Rosa location full time.


What does a hair extension installation service include?

The service includes the installation of hair you bring in, a specialized cut for blending, and styling. I can also provide the hair for you at an extra cost. I require that clients sign a waiver for hair that I provide, agreeing that I am not responsible for the quality or longevity of the hair. I prefer that clients bring their own hair as I cannot guarantee the quality of the hair. ๐Ÿ™‚


Where do I buy hair?: 

If it's your first time shopping for hair, I recommend going to a shop so they can color match your hair. You can also refer to my "Buying Hair" page to find out what type of hair to ask for and my favorite shops.


Do you accept payments?: 

Yes! You can apply for payments by clicking here. In order to apply for payments, you need to know the full price of the service. Text 213-787-4247 for an accurate price quote. I only accept payment plans for installations, not for tightening or maintenance appointments.


Do you have any specials going on?

Check my "Specials" page for recent specials. It's always good to look at my Instagram as well for IG specific specials.


Can I come in and feel the different types of hair?:

When I provide the hair for clients, I pick up the hair on a per-client basis rather than keeping hair at the salon. I prefer that new clients bring in their own hair for installation. The good thing about bringing your own hair is that you can choose brands that offer a guarantee, you have more control over how much you spend, and you can go straight to the source if the quality isn't what you expected. You can see the hair shops I recommend by clicking here.


Do you have any tips on how to help my natural hair grow?: 

Yes! While extensions are super fun and awesome, I understand that the main goal is to get our natural hair to grow also! You can refer to my "Natural Hair Growth Tips" page for some different options,

How much is it to get my extensions done if I bring my own hair?:

Look under the Prices/Methods menu for pricing information. If you're on a cell phone, you can find the menu by clicking the 3 lines in the upper left corner.


Do you accept walk-ins or is it reservation only?

I'm only available by reservation only.


Is a deposit required before my hair extension reservation?

For all hair extension reservations, a non-refundable half price down payment is required before your reservation to ensure your spot, unless you've been approved for monthly payments. If you're making monthly payments, a deposit is not required. I will email you the invoice for this before booking your reservation. Please remember that until your deposit is paid. someone else may take your appointment slot. 


How long do extensions last?:

It depends on the hair quality you get. The method tends to outlast the hair. For example, clients who get highest quality hair have kept their NSBW extensions in for 1.5 years. Client's who get temporary quality hair can expect them to last only 2-4 months. Here is the average lasting length I've seen in my experience:
Clip-In Wefts: 1-6 months
Non Sewn Beaded Weft (NSBW): 3-6 months
Braided Sew-In Wefts: 3-6 months
Beaded Sew-In: 3-6 months
Individual Keratin Shrink Links (IKSL):3-6 months
Individual Micro-Beads (IMB): 3-4 months

Tape-In: 1-4 months


How often do I have to come in for a tightening?:

Clip-In Wefts: If I installed beads to clip your extensions to, every 4 weeks
Non Sewn Beaded Weft (NSBW): Every 4-6 weeks
Braided Sew-In Wefts: Every 4 weeks
Beaded Sew-In: Every 4 weeks
Individual Keratin Shrink Links (IKSL): Can't be tightened because of glue. Must be removed and reinstalled every 3-6 months
Individual Micro-Beads (IMB): Every 3 months

Tape-In: Every 8 weeks


I have multiple colors in my hair, how does that work?

For those with highlights:  Many extensions come pre-highlighted. If your particular color isn't available in pre-highlighted hair, you can get a half pack of one color, and a half pack of another. Then I'll combine the extensions to make them look highlighted. 

For those with an Ombre/Balayage: (darker at the top, lighter at the bottom) there are some companies that offer ombre'd extensions, like The Hair Shop. The colors are shown below. 

What is the difference between high qualities of hair and the other qualities?

For a more in-depth answer click here. The high quality hair has been specially chosen by distributors as top of the line hair. It will last longer, it stays smoother, and it's easier to manage.


What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is just a fancy word for High Quality hair. It means that all of the hairs are facing in a downward direction the way the hair naturally grows off of the head. Some lower qualities that aren't Remy have upside down hairs that will result in your hair becoming tangled faster.


What is Keratin?

Keratin is a protein that your hair is made out of. In extension terms, it's a protein glue used in fusion individual extensions specially formulated to do the least damage possible to the hair.


What are Fusion Extensions?

Fusion extensions are another name for individual keratin extensions because the keratin bonds get fused to your natural hair.


How long does my natural hair have to be before I can get extensions?:

Preferably 5 inches, but I've done extensions on 3 inch long hair. As long there is some length on top of your head to make it blend right, itโ€™ll work. If youโ€™re unsure, text a picture of your hair to 213-787-HAIR (4247)


How do you wash your hair with extensions?:

Click here for a more in-depth answer. Wash your normal hair in a downward motion to make sure you don't tangle the hair. Do not bunch up the hair and lather. Be sure to be gentle when getting close to the scalp. Also, do not get too much conditioner near the scalp since the oils in conditioner often loosen the extension glue or beads. If your extensions are glued in, I recommend blow drying your roots after showering to ensure that the glue dries, but do not use it on a high heat level because then you'll melt the glue. With beaded extensions, you don't have to worry about any of that because they do not involve glue. Click here to learn more about approved products.


What extensions are your favorite to use?:

My favorite are the non-sewn beaded weft extensions. They aren't damaging to the hair, they don't involve braids, sewing, or glue, and they're very easy to tighten. They're less hassle and less worry. I've also noticed they stay tighter than the beaded sew-ins. I can pull on them and be rough with them but they will not come out! 


Do they hurt?:

It depends on your scalp sensitivity. If you have a sensitive scalp, they might hurt for the first few days. Generally, extensions do not hurt as long as they are put in correctly by an extension specialist. Iโ€™ve been specializing in extensions for 15 years. Youโ€™re in good hands!


I have Asian hair, what extensions are best for me?:

I would recommend doing Non-Sewn Beaded Wefts or Clip-in Wefts. Some Asian hair is slightly more oily and slick than other types of hair, so the individual keratin extensions will fall out easier since it's easier for the glue to slip off. Non-Sewn Beaded Wefts don't require glue or unreliable thread, a great option for Asian hair.


I've heard extensions will break my hair off:

A lot of people have a misconception about this question because of the fact that you do see hair coming off when you remove or tighten your extensions. The hair coming off is hair that you naturally already shed that was stuck in the bead, braid, or glue that the extensions were applied with. You naturally shed 50-200 strands of hair a day, that hair has nowhere to go when there are extensions applied over it. This is why regular tightenings are so important, they involve removing knots and tangles caused by natural hair shedding.


Professional hair extensions should never damage your hair, so long as they are applied correctly and professionally by an experienced and qualified hair extension specialist. Hair extensions have been the subject of a great deal of negative press and have developed a poor reputation due to the many people who apply extensions without any quality training or experience, or by using a poor quality application technique. Many hairdressers often opt-in to providing hair extensions on the side of their normal cut and color business. It is very important to go to someone who specializes in hair extensions, not just offers them as a side service. Plenty of experience with hair extensions is a must in order to ensure that the stylist knows how all types of hair will react to hair extensions.


The industry has become saturated with unqualified and inexperienced people setting up business as a hair extension artist, many of which are not even trained hairdressers. This is why you see so many people wearing unsightly looking sets of hair extensions and why it is so important to research into hair extensions beforehand. Many people even apply their extensions themselves, inevitably resulting in damaging their own hair.


My techniques are very safe, and provided that the correct maintenance is followed, they will not damage your hair. Similarly, the removal procedure will not cause any damage to the natural hair, leaving it just as it was before they were applied. In fact, many clients find that their hair is in even better condition after wearing hair extensions, as the extra hair acts as a barrier, protecting their own hair from heated styling equipment and other external factors.


How much hair will be added to my head?

This definitely depends on the look you're going for. The prices on this website are based on a "Full Head." If you're getting weft type extensions, a full head is considered three tracks. Although you'll only feel three tracks, I actually double each track with two wefts of hair, so in reality, you have six tracks. (To learn what tracks/wefts are, check out the Buying Hair page.) If you have thicker hair, it is recommended you get extra tracks. (4 or more)


If you're getting individual type extensions, a full head is considered 100-125 individual strands. (To learn what individual strands are, check out the Buying Hair page.) If you have thicker hair, it is recommended you get 125-150 strands or more.


How long will it take to put in my extensions?:

Clip-In Wefts: 1-1.5 hours

Non-Sewn Beaded Wefts (NSBW): 1-2 hours

Tape-In Wefts: 1-1.5 hours

Braided Sew-Ins: 1-2.5 hours

Beaded Sew-Ins: 1-2 hours

Individual Keratin Shrink Links (IKSL): 2-4 hours

Individual Micro-beads (IMB): 2-5 hours


What is your refund policy?:

I do not offer refunds or exchanges. 


Do you cut the extensions after they are applied?

Yes - once the hair extensions have been applied, they are cut, styled and carefully blended with your natural hair so that they appear perfectly natural and completely undetectable.


Will my hair continue to grow if I get hair extensions?

Yes. Because your hair will continue to grow, it's important to attend regular maintenance reservations in order to protect your hair. Itโ€™s just like getting a fill on your nails. Click here to learn more about tightening your hair extensions,


Can I still have my roots colored while wearing hair extensions?

Yes. Your color specialist simply needs to work around the joins of the extensions, taking care not to color over the bonds of the extensions. I can recommend you to some incredible hair stylists who work with my extension clients regularly on root touchups and other color services. I do not offer coloring services anymore.


Can I color hair extensions?

I advise you to not to dye your hair extensions because the damage will be hit or miss. I've definitely colored higher quality hair extensions with good results, however, coloring will cut down the longevity of the extensions and possibly even damage them. Some of the hair is also pre-dyed and therefore you cannot guarantee the outcome of the color. Also because hair extensions are denser than natural hair, coloring over them can turn out looking patchy in some cases. If you do have the extensions colored, just make sure the stylist is experienced with coloring hair extensions.


Is it okay to go to the gym or sweat a lot with hair extensions?

Yes. As long as you maintain your extensions correctly and come in regularly for tightening reservations, this should be absolutely fine.


Can I go swimming while wearing hair extensions?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Ideally, you should braid your hair in two braids while swimming and/or avoid getting your hair wet where possible, Click here for more maintenance tips on swimming with extensions.


Will the hair extensions shed?

It is normal to experience a small amount of shedding from the hair extensions. You will notice that the extensions will shed more as time passes, which is completely normal. Usually, the first signs of shedding are indications that you'll need new hair in the next couple of months. Client's usually start to notice shedding at 4 months depending on the type of hair.


What if I lose an extension strand or bead?

Don't panic if you happen to lose an individual hair extension from time to time. Losing a few individual extensions will not alter the shape or style of your hair. By following the home care guidelines this will be kept to a minimum. Some clients lose more hair extensions than others depending on their natural hair type. Hold on to any extensions that fall out, and bring them to your maintenance reservations so that they can be reapplied for you. If you lose a bead, try to bobby pin the area where the bead came off until you can get in for me to fix it.


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