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Recommended Products

The following products were all chosen because I used them personally and saw great results with them. They have little to none of the bad ingredients discussed on the following page, and they'll make your hair extension last longer provided that you use them properly and maintain correctly. Any of these products can be purchased during your appointment.

Recommended styling tools

The "Wet" Brush

The Wet Brush is the best brush to use when you have extensions. This brush is designed for hair extensions and wigs. The soft bristles gently take away tangles without pulling or ripping the hair. This brush will make your life so much easier while wearing extensions.


Hai Convertible Flat Iron

Hai Convertible Flat Iron for all hair types is my favorite flat iron of all time. I’ve tried many big name flat irons, and I always seem to return to the Hai. I love it because you can also flips and curls as well as straightening. It can be used on all hair extension types from temporary to highest quality. The Negative Ion Technology + Far Infrared Rays gently close the cuticle locking in color while sealing in moisture and natural oils; leaving hair healthier with more sheen and manageability. Ceramic plates imbedded with PTFC heaters generate evenly controlled heat with quick temperature recovery time. It’s important to use ceramic instead of metal for this reason. This is a great flat iron for hair extensions. Watch my video of me curling my hair with my Hai Flat Iron by clicking here.

The Agave Vapor Iron

The Agave Vapor Iron is great for those with extremely dry or frizzy hair. I often recommend this one for clients who are getting blonder extensions since they have been chemically processed more than darker extensions. With The Agave Vapor, you’ll notice vapors of serum steaming out of the flat iron and fusing onto your hair. The iron smooth’s heals and transforms unmanageable, frizzy hair. It allows you to straighten, wave, or curl hair quickly and efficiently with no breakage and damage. Infrared heat energy from the NanoIonic™ iron plates helps seal in essential moisture from the Vapor Infusion, eliminating frizz and split ends. This iron is great for all extensions types from temporary to highest quality.


Rat Tail Comb

A simple rat tail comb will make your life so much easier when parting and styling your extensions. This will help create straight parts when blow drying, parting, or styling your hair.

Duck clips and Croc Clamps

Duck clips and Croc Clamps are great for keeping hair in place or out of your face during styling. Croc clips are great for clipping up large pieces of hair when you’re parting away the rest of your tracks. The duck clips will come in handy when you only have to part out small, flat sections of hair that the Croc clips can’t reach. These will make blow drying and styling so much easier.


Accordion Mirror

An Accordion Mirror is essential when you have extensions. You can get one of these at Target or Ikea. Place the mirror in an area of the bathroom where it’s in front of another mirror. You’ll then be able to pull the accordion mirror in all types of directions in order to see the back of your hair extensions. This will help so much with styling and blow drying. I’ve had many guests tell me that this mirror saves them so much time and guesswork.

Recommended Products

Chewable Hair Growth Biotin

  • Biotin supports skin health and normal cell growth

  • Promotes strong nails and healthy, smooth hair

  • Supports blood sugar levels and protein metabolism


Ingredients: Biotin, mannitol, modified cellulose, natural flavor and color, citric acid, magnesium vegetable stearate, monk fruit extract, stevia, silica


Milbon is a Japanese company with an office in New York City. Milbon products are made for those who have had Japanese Straightening, making them super moisturizing and great for hair extensions. Milbon is our luxury line that we carry at the salon. Continue reading if you're interested in our more affordable but amazing line, O'right.

Inphenom Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner combo made by Milbon nourishes dry, damaged hair. This superior hydrating shampoo utilizes essential amino acids to replenish moisture, leaving hair looking luminous and color more vibrant. This shampoo does have small amounts of sulfates in it, so use at your own risk. But from my experience, it makes the extensions feel amazing,


Best for:

Color treated hair

Damaged hair

Good general option for everyone 



Other positives:

Leaves hair extensions feeling soft and silky

Will help hair extensions last longer


Inphenom Leave-In Mist       **Client Favorite**

Inphenom Mist is a CLIENT FAVORITE! This stuff flies off the shelves. This is an amazing detangling and moisturizing spray. The Mist will moisturize dry, brittle hair while staying lightweight and silky. Many of my guests spray this on their hair and can’t believe the instant difference they feel in texture and silkiness. It’s definitely one of those things you have to experience to believe. It’s so amazing, many guests leave it in their purse for all day use. It can be used wet or dry.


Best for:

Dry/Damaged hair

Good general option for everyone 



Other positives:

Leaves hair extensions feeling soft and silky

Can be used on wet or dry hair


Liscio Crystal Serum

Milbon’s Liscio Crystal Serum can be used every day on the ends of the extensions. While not only adding moisture and shine, it will seal down the cuticle and split ends. Since the ends of the hair extensions are the furthest away from your head, they are not getting as much moisture or nutrients as your regular hair. This means the ends will become much more dry at a faster rate than the rest of the extensions. It’s okay to use this every day, even if you’re re-applying over dirty hair. It will keep your ends nourished and easy to manage. It's made for people who have had Japanese Straightening Treatments, so it's the ultimate moisturizing serum!



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