Tightening Maintenance


(Non Sewn Beaded Weft, Beaded Sew In, Braided Sew In)

If you plan on keeping your extensions long term, make sure you get them tightened every 4-6 weeks. Tightening prices can be seen on each individual technique's page located under the menu "Prices/Methods". Even if your hair extensions don’t feel loose, book a reservation so we can make sure there is no tangling or other problems that you may not be able to see on your own. Your hair naturally sheds 50-150 strands of hair per day. That hair which has naturally shed has nowhere to go when you have your tracks sewn or beaded in. That means that the hair can start to tangle into your track if you don’t get them tightened soon enough. When you get your extensions tightened, you’ll notice me brushing out small amounts of hair, which have naturally shed on their own. No worries, this hair did not fall out because of the hair extensions. They just naturally shed on their own in between tightening appointments, and they aren’t able to be brushed out until your tightening appointment. If you wait longer than six weeks to tighten and are exceptionally rough on your hair, this is when you may actually experience hair loss that is not due to natural shedding. Depending on how strong their hair is, some guests can wait up to 8 weeks. This is not recommended, but some guests do it. The recommended time to tighten your extensions is every 4-6 weeks. Braided Sew In and Beaded Sew In extensions cannot be tightened, they must be removed and re-applied, resulting in the same price point as the original install.


(Individual Keratin Shrink Links, Individual Micro Beads, Mini Micro Beads)

Your hair naturally sheds 50-150 strands of hair per day. That hair which has naturally shed has nowhere to go when you have your Keratin or Micro Beads in. As your hair grows out, individual extensions have a tendency to want to start to join together due to the hair that has naturally shed with nowhere to go.  It’s important to take each individual extension and separate it from the extension directly next to it. This can be done while watching TV or relaxing on your down time. You can start this exercise two weeks after installation. I can show you how to do this when I apply your extensions for you. If you hear a slight “ripping” sound during this exercise, that is hair that has naturally shed/joined together becoming separated from one another. The more often you do this exercise, the less you will hear that sound.


Individual Keratin Shrink Links cannot be tightened. They are meant to be worn a maximum of 6 months before taking them out and reapplying. Some guests may not be able to wear them the full 6 months depending on their lifestyle, hair type, and products used. In my experience, 3-4 months is the average time guests keep their keratin shrink links in before removing and reinstalling them. In most cases, guests can reuse the hair a second time.


Individual Micro Beads can be tightened, however with each tightening, the bond that holds the hair together inside the bead will get weaker. Too many tightenings on Individual Micro Beads can cause the extensions to shed more. If you got Individual Micro Beads installed, it’s recommended to get them tightened every 3 months. Some of my guests just leave them for the full 6 months like the Individual Keratin Shrink Links. Often times they will then take them out and re-apply them if the hair extensions are still in good condition.


Tape ins

Tape-Ins cannot be tightened. They must be removed, re-taped by me, and re-applied. You’ll want to do this when you start to feel the tape-ins slipping or getting gummy. This usually starts to happen a month or two after the first installation. Taped in hair can usually be re-used many times before needing to buy new hair. Removing old tape and applying new tape is a very tedious process. I will need to remove your hair extensions from your head, then have at least an hour (depending on how many extensions you have) to remove the old tape, and put new tape on. Typically when I'm re-taping extensions, clients will go run errands or even go home to wash their hair. Then they'll come back in an hour and get them re-installed. Because this is technically more work than the first installation, I charge more for the re-taping/reinstalling appointment than the original install price.


Clip Ins

If you got clip-ins, this section will only apply to you if you got them “beaded” in. For many guests, I will put a small bead where each clip has to go. This makes it so guests can easily know exactly where to clip their extensions in. You’ll want to come back once a month to get these beads tightened. If you wait longer than a month to tighten these, you might experience stress on your natural hair, which could lead to hair loss if neglected long enough. This is because you’re constantly clipping and un-clipping your extensions to that small area of your natural hair. So come in ASAP to get these tightened!



Toppers cannot be tightened like the other extension methods. A topper typically lasts 2-3 months before you need to remove it and reinstall. When you pre-book your next topper appointment in my chair, you'll receive 10% off your next topper appointment, making your follow-up appointment $270 instead of the initial $300.


With toppers I recommend a 2-3 months on, 1 month off routine. During the month off, I can sew clips onto the topper so you can still wear your topper, but it’s essential to let your scalp breath once in a while. For a removal and clip attachment appointment, I charge $100.


I also don't have a shampoo bowl at the salon, so this allows clients an entire month to shampoo their hair and do treatments on the scalp. I recommend a nightly castor oil treatment during the "clip in" month. Castor oil has been known to thicken hair and stimulate major growth. Check out the before and after pictures people post to castor oil Amazon reviews!



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