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mini micro beads

For Thinning Hair


​NO sewing, NO braids, NO glue, MicroTip extensions are especially perfect for areas on the head with thinning hair. The application is so small that it mimics a hair transplant without any surgical procedure. MicroTip Micro-extensions can be applied to all types of hair and to both men and women. Because they are so small, the hair experiences little to no tension due to the light weight of the hair. One bundle covers about 3.5 square inches on the head. This can be used in a tight square inch where you're experiencing thinning, they can also be spread out to cover smaller areas of concern. They only come in 10 inch length because they're meant to add thickness, not length. Longer lengths would add too much weight to the hair causing too much tension for the hair. They can be used in place of highlighting or coloring in order to preserve the health of your hair which is great considering the harmful chemicals used in most hair colors. Installing one bundle takes about 5 hours maximum.

How much is it to get my extensions done if I bring my own hair?:

The following prices are only if you are providing your own hair. The service includes the installation, a cut for blending if desired, and a style. To view prices if the hair is provided by me, scroll down
Clip-In Wefts: $120 for a full head (three tracks doubled) AKA $40 per track
Non Sewn Beaded Wefts: $175 for a full head (three tracks doubled) AKA $65 per track

Tape In Wefts: $175 for a full head (24 pieces) AKA $7.30 per piece
Braided Sew-In Wefts: $185 for a full head (three tracks doubled) AKA $61 per track
Beaded Sew-In: $195 for a full head (three tracks doubled) AKA $65 per track
Individual Keratin Shrink Links: $380 for a full head (100 strands) AKA $3.80 per strand
Individual Micro-Beads: $480 for a full head (100 strands) AKA $4.80 per strand

Want us to provide the hair?

Take the hassle out of searching for hair. The following prices include the hair, installation, a cut for blending, and a style! If we provide the hair, all guests will be required to sign a release form before their appointment stating that they understand and agree that I am not responsible for the quality of the hair after you leave my salon. I wish I could go home with every client and teach them how to properly care for extensions, but since I can't do that, I try to add as much information as possible to the aftercare book and answer any questions you have to the best of my ability while providing you with recommended products at my salon.

Quarter Bundle
  • About 32 strands

  • Covers a little less than 1 square inch




  • Only avail. in High Quality hair $250.00

Half Bundle
  • About 65 strands

  • Covers about 1.75 square inches




  • Only avail. in High Quality hair $500.00

One Bundle
  • About 130 strands

  • Covers about 3.5 square inches (usually enough for those thinning on the top of the head)



  • Only avail. in High Quality hair $1000.00

Tightening Mini Micro Beads

Microtips don't have to be tightened as often. You can tighten them often, but the more you tighten them, the weaker the individual bond that hold the hairs together will get. Therefore, the more you tighten, the more shedding you'll experience. On average, humans lose 50-150 strands of hair per day. Tightenings are especially important because hair that has already naturally shed will be stuck in your beads until I have a chance to brush brush them out. Because of this, it's still recommended to tighten if you're keeping them longer than 3 months. Waiting longer periods than 3 months of time in between tightening can cause tangling, matting, and stress to your natural hair. After 10 weeks without a tightening, Nikki will have to remove the extensions and put them back in. Even if they feel fine, book an appointment so we can make sure there is no tangling or other problems that you may not be able to see on your own. Tightening prices vary and can be seen under the prices menu.

Quarter Bundle


Half bundle


One Bundle


Available Colors

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