The Importance of seeing a

"hair Extension Specialist"

 Hair extensions should never damage your hair if they have been applied correctly and professionally by an experienced, qualified hair extension specialist. The hair extension industry is highly unregulated, meaning that virtually anybody can set up and call themselves a hair extension technician. As a result there has been a growing number of hair stylists offering hair extension services on the side having had little or no training/experience, and some are not even qualified hairdressers. Hair extensions have been subjected to a great deal of negative media attention and have developed a poor reputation due to the growing number of technicians who offer a hair extension service without having had any quality training, extensive experience, or by adopting a poor method of application. There are also people who choose to apply hair extensions themselves to their own hair which often times achieve the following results:
























  • A ‘lid’ ‘line’ or ‘ring’ appears around the top of the head where the extensions have not been blended with the natural hair

  • Not enough hair extensions have been applied, so the extensions look straggly

  • Poor quality hair has been used

  • The bonds or wefts are visible

  • The color match is inaccurate, or the colors haven't been blended together properly

  • The placement of the hair extensions is incorrect

  • Ultimately the worst of these is the damage and breakage that is caused to the natural hair by not having had hair extensions applied correctly



There are three main reasons for damage caused from hair extensions:

  • Incorrect or poor application by an inexperienced technician.

  • Poor quality or unsafe hair extensions application method.

  • Failure to follow the home care guidelines and not looking after the extensions correctly.


The whole purpose of hair extensions is to ENHANCE your hair, not to damage it.


Seeing many people wearing poor quality hair extensions, as well as hearing horror stories and being exposed to the wealth of negative press, has deterred some people from having hair extensions completely, because they have come to believe that this is what to expect from ALL hair extensions. 


Obviously type of application plays a huge part in determining the safety of your hair and the overall appearance of the extensions. In addition, you should not confuse yourself between hair extensions that have been applied by a skilled, experienced professional with those applied by an inexperienced or unqualified technician, or for that matter with applying them yourself. It takes time, precision, dedication and a great deal of skill to become an expert, with advanced knowledge and understanding of weights, balance, placement, colors, blending, hair types, hair growth, and an exceptional eye for detail as well as a flair for creativity.


Finding a Qualified Hair Extension Specialist


Doing plenty of research is always highly recommended before choosing to have hair extensions installed. Do not be afraid to ask to see photographs of previous work, years of experience doing hair extensions, videos of their work, and certificates of training and qualifications.


You should beware of "hair extension technicians" who do not cut and blend the extensions after applying them, as it is highly unlikely that they will be a trained hairdresser, and in many cases may not be qualified to apply hair extensions either.


You should always choose a hair extension specialist that takes pride in their work through offering before and after photos, which evidently can be hard to find. If you would like to browse my hair extensions before and after gallery, I definitely encourage you to do so. Just click on the "Gallery" option on the menu at the top of this page.


Always check customer reviews on websites like Yelp, Google, and Citysearch.



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