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dreadlock extensions

Make Your Natural Hair Grow!

Dreadlock extensions are actually a great way to grow out your natural hair! While the dreadlocks are in, your natural hair does not touch any heat and it's mostly protected from sun damage, this makes it the method that allows your hair to grow the fastest in the shortest amount of time. If you like the look and your job/lifestyle will allow for it, this is definitely the way to go if you'd like to grow your hair fast. Pairing them with the hair skin and nails vitamins is also a great idea!


For dreadlock extensions, I require that clients provide their own dreads. You can order them by clicking here and choosing the best option for you. Usually, a full head is anywhere from 50 to 60 single ended dreads.


It is recommended to come back every 3 months to get your dreads tightened because the weight of the dreads can cause stress on the hair after this amount of time.

Installation Prices
Per Dreadlock

$8.00 Per dreadlock

Tightening Prices
Before 3 Months

$10.00 per dreadlock

After 3 Months

$12.00 per dreadlock


Hair Extensions by Nikki

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Windsor, CA 95492

Located in the Oliver's Market shopping center

Second floor above Gem Nail Spa

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