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Clip In Extensions

Clip in's are great for someone who is wanting something more temporary with more versatility. With this technique, you can put them in and take them out as you wish. This is great for those who like to have short hair with some outfits, and long hair with others. After all, hair is an accessory! This is also great for brides or those attending an event where you just need extra length and thickness for that occasion. Another plus about clip ins - they don't break the bank. With clip ins, temporary and medium quality hair will last a lot longer than expected since you won't be sleeping in them or showering. However if you do a lot of heat styling and/or hair coloring, it is still recommended to get something other than temporary quality hair as it is too fragile to handle excessive heat or coloring.


The following prices include the installation, a cut for blending if desired, and a style. 

If You Provide The Hair

Full Head Installation (1 package of clip-ins): $150

Extra Track: $50 each

Click Here to learn more about buying your own hair.

If I Provide The Hair

Full Head Installation (1 package of clip-ins): $650

I require that clients sign a waiver for hair that I provide, agreeing that I am not responsible for the quality or longevity of the hair.

Pros and Cons

  • Great for those who want to be able to switch from short to long hair

  • You don't have to wash these very often so they'll last you a longer time than the average extensions

  • Very little damage since there is no sewing or glue involved

  • Requires the client to put them in and take them out every day, this may become tedious to some people.

  • Better for people who are gentle on their hair because they have the possibility of falling out if you pull on them too hard


Hair Extensions by Nikki

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