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​NO sewing, NO braids, NO glue, the most natural weft technique. The Non Sewn Beaded Weft (NSBW) technique is a client favorite said to be the most comfortable and reliable of all weft techniques offered. The NSBW method eliminates the use of sewing which pulls the hair in directions that it's not meant to be pulled. The straining from sewing can cause your hair follicle to weaken, even leading to hair loss. With the NSBW method, your hair is facing in a downward direction the way it grows naturally, meaning it will lie flat and grow downward with no damage to the hair follicle. Along with the elimination of sewing comes the elimination of thread which can break easily if exposed to water often. Recommended for all hair types. Weft hair runs on the thicker side as opposed to individual hair which runs on the finer side.

Non Sewn Beaded Weft


The following prices include the installation, a cut for blending if desired, and a style. 

You can apply for payments by clicking here. In order to apply for payments, you need to know the full price of the service you're receiving. Text 213-787-4247 for an accurate price quote.

If You Provide The Hair

Full Head Installation (3 tracks doubled): $300 
Extra Track: $100 each

Click Here to learn more about buying your own hair.

If I Provide The Hair

Full Head Installation (3 tracks doubled): $870

Extra Track: $290 each

I require that clients sign a waiver for hair that I provide, agreeing that I am not responsible for the quality or longevity of the hair.

Things to Remember:

All prices include installation of hair, a hair cut for blending, and styling.

I can also provide the hair for you at an extra cost.

Learn more about how to shop for your hair, here: Buying Hair


​If you're getting weft type extensions, prices are based on a full head which is considered three tracks. Although you'll only feel three tracks, I actually double each track with two wefts of hair, so in reality, you have six tracks. (To learn what tracks/wefts are, check out the FAQ page.)

If you have thicker hair, it is recommended you get extra tracks. (4 or more)

I'm only available by reservation only.


I do text consultations! Text photos of your hair in natural sunlight and natural shade, photos of the hair you desire, and questions you may have regarding the service.


For all hair extension installations, a non refundable half price down payment is required before your reservation to ensure your spot. I will email you the invoice for this before booking your reservation. Please remember that I cannot secure the reservation until the deposit invoice has been paid.​​

Tightening Nsbw

If you plan on keeping your extensions long term, make sure to get them tightened every 4-6 weeks. The sooner you get them tightened, the better. On average, humans lose 50-150 strands of hair per day. Tightenings are especially important because hair that has already naturally shed will be stuck in the beads until I have a chance to brush them out. The longer someone waits, the more hair will be stuck in the beads. Waiting long periods of time in between tightening can cause tangling, matting, and stress to your natural hair. After 10 weeks without a tightening, I will have to remove the extensions and put them back in. Even if they feel fine, it's wise to book a reservation so we can make sure there is no tangling or other problems that you may not be able to see on your own. Tightening prices vary and can be seen below.

4-5  Weeks

$35 Per Track

6-7  Weeks

$40 Per Track

8-9  Weeks

$45 Per Track

10 Weeks or More

$50 Per Track

Pros and Cons

  • Most gentle weft technique, very flat, least noticed weft technique

  • Great for all hair types

  • Weft extensions are thicker than individual extensions, giving you more thickness for your investment.

  • ​Can be put in a pony tail

  • Pony tails require an "end check" to make sure no tracks are showing. This isn't hard and can be done within seconds, but some may consider it a "Con"

  • Must be placed correctly in order to be used on extremely fine hair. Extremely fine hair clients can also use a teasing technique to hide their top track. I teach my fine hair clients how to do this and most find it very easy.


Hair Extensions by Nikki


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