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Braided Sew In Wefts

Braided Sew-Ins are one of the oldest hair extension techniques. This technique set the standard for hair extensions and because of them, many different hair extension techniques were born. Unfortunately this technique isn't the safest weft technique. Because of the braiding, and then sewing, the hair gets more stressed than with other weft techniques. The braid has to be done fairly tight in order to ensure longevity, and sewing over that begins to pull the hair even more. This technique also can't be tightened so the client will have to fully remove them and reapply when they start to grow out. Regardless of these cons, a lot of people still use this method.


The following prices include the installation, a cut for blending if desired, and a style. They do not include the hair. Click Here to learn more about buying your own hair.

  • $266 per track

  • Full Head Installation (3 tracks doubled): $800

Pros and Cons

  • Works for people with very thick hair

  • More damaging to the natural hair than other techniques

  • Can't be tightened, must be removed and reinstalled

  • Tracks will feel more "bulky" than other techniques


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