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Wedding Hair Extensions by Nikki
Jenna Jameson Hair Extensions by Nikki
Wedding Hair Extensions by Nikki

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My Personality


I tend to identify as an accepting non-judgmental Aquarius, empath, introverted extrovert, animal lover, organizer, hair stylist, web designer, photographer, reader, writer, yogi, intuitive, nature lover, artist, health nut, philosopher, musician, and weirdo - in no particular order. On my down time I like to relax in the sun, lay in a hammock, canoe on the river, watch the sun go down and the stars come out, and spend time in nature. I also like hanging out with my 7 year old nephew and learning from him. A child's wisdom is like no other. On any given day you'll find me repeating positive affirmations, stopping what I'm doing to point at the moon, talking in random accents to entertain myself, and referencing astrology.


My Background

I've been specializing in hair extensions for 15 years and counting. I became officially licensed in cosmetology and extension artistry in 2006 at 18 rotations around the sun. In 2010 I created the NSBW technique after having clients reach out about their experience with thread breakage on their sew-in method. My goal was to create a method free of glue and thread to eliminate tedious issues they were causing. I had a wonderful response from the clients about NSBW, and 95% of my clients switched to NSBW. When I was 21, I opened Glo Salon which served Downtown Fullerton, CA for 5 years. Glo Salon started out with two chairs, and grew into a 12 chair salon with a facial room, nail room, and tanning room. We won Yelp's #1 Orange County Salon position, and had an amazing clientele. (not to brag or anything 😜) I decided to sell Glo when I felt that I had learned all I needed to from the experience of owning a large salon. The stress of running such a large operation was causing me to ask "Why?" a lot. I sold Glo to Ajay Popoff, lead singer of Lit and part owner of Slidebar in Downtown Fullerton, and released a huge beautiful sigh moving forward, solo. A weight had been lifted off of my shoulders, and I connected with my clients like I had in the beginning, one on one.

My Passion

My client's health is always what is most important to me. I like to remember that beauty comes from the inside out. I don't fill my gas tank with the wrong fuel... If I did, it would make the car slow down, act weird, be sluggish, maybe even break down completely! The same can be considered for the body. When we fill the body with the right nutrients, organic produce, and organic beauty products, we glow from the inside out.


It's my job as a professional to keep my eye out for harmful beauty ingredients to avoid, as well as provide you with the healthiest products to my knowledge. It is my main goal to preserve the health of the hair and our environment by being extremely selective about hair products, cleaning products, and office products. My guest's satisfaction and health is my main priority. If you're not happy, I'm not happy! Please download the app "Think Dirty" and scan all of your beauty products to make sure they are safe for your temple! (body): Think Dirty for Android, Think Dirty for Iphone

Ever since I began experimenting with hair, I've had a passion for hair extensions. I make sure to listen to my guest's desires and concerns in order to offer the most comfortable and wearable techniques available. I currently offer several techniques for every type of hair. With hair extensions, preserving the health of the hair is essential while providing you with extra thickness or length to fit your needs. My signature technique, the Non-Sewn Beaded Weft can be installed on all hair types to encourage natural growth of the hair. With celebrity clients like Jenna Jameson LOVING the NSBW technique, I'm so excited to have you give it a try yourself.

Click here to check out the Non-Sewn Beaded Weft technique.

My Future

Since selling Glo and going solo, I have been continuing to work on clients. I currently accept clients in Northern California and Southern California. I live up North, and thus am in NorCal more often. I'm in SoCal at least once a month. (Text to find out my schedule.) I'm now putting more energy into teaching and training. I love helping people grow their business and add on services that are destined to bring in profits. Not only do I love teaching stylists how to be a hair extension specialist, I'm also a Kundalini Yoga teacher. I'm very excited for my future which will be inevitably filled with teaching, learning, abundance, growth, success, peace, and joy!



Contacting Me:

All of my clients go through an application process so I can gather information and make sure that I’ll be able to give them exactly what they're looking for. If you'd like to book an appointment, please fill out the New Client Application.


Instagram: @BookWithNikki




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